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Registered Charity no 1079934




September to December 2018


New Venue: Whitehaven Cricket Club




Dear friends,                                                              




Welcome to our Autumn Season of talks and group activities, which I'm sure will be as interesting and lively as usual.


It has been a busy Summer for the Committee, but we hope you will find our new venue at Whitehaven Cricket Club both comfortable and convenient. Please be patient with us as we sort out any teething problems - it isn't always possible to foresee all of them.


Please note that we now have a dedicated U3A mobile phone, which is held by one or other members of the Committee. This means you can ring us easily if you have any problems or queries, and we will do our best to help you.


The number is 07871 435 705


We have new publicity leaflets available. If you can take a few and give them to a friend or place them somewhere appropriate, we would be most grateful. We need to grow our numbers and bring in some 'younger retired' folk to keep the Branch flourishing.


With all best wishes for the Autumn,




Susan Edwards






Note that we been through a process to ensure we meet the latest data protection regulations. The information given by members on their application form will be held securely by the Committee – specifically the Data Controller – and by


Group Leaders. It will be used to contact you about our activities. It will not be shared with any third party without your consent.  You may request the Data Controller to delete and destroy it at any time that you no longer wish to be a member of the West Cumbria Branch of the U3A.


The data of your subscriptions paid will be retained by the Treasurer for up to six years after you have ceased to be an attending member of the Branch. There is now a U3A specific phone number: 07871435705.










Exercise Activities




The Lakes College Active Zone (Lillyhall) have set aside Wednesday mornings from 10.00 to 12.00 for members of our U3A and other interested people. These are continuing to be very popular. The sessions cost £2.00. For more information and to put your name on the list of users please ring Susan Edwards. The session is not linked to the U3A.


We are also invited to an Age Concern session on Fridays at 11am in the Harbour House. Cost is £3.50. I attended the first session and I thought it excellent if you are uncertain or a bit wobbly on your feet.








We enjoy general meetings on Wednesdays every fortnight with breaks for public and summer holidays. The sessions are an opportunity to listen to a speaker, have a chat over coffee or tea and see what is going on in the U3A more generally. Entry costs £2 per session and the annual subscription remains at £7 starting on 1st January 2019. Meetings are held on Wednesdays starting at 2pm at the Cricket Club in Whitehaven. New members are always made very welcome.






                                                               SPEAKERS PROGRAMME




5th SeptemberJackie Wilkinson will speak to us about her experience in international archery  




19th SeptemberGillian Russell will talk to us about living in Japan and life in Japan


3rd October Paul Isherwood presents an entertaining take on how Gamblers Anonymous helped him over 30 years.  


17th OctoberRuth Sutton enlightens us about her Cumbrian novels


31st October Gerard Richardson OBE talks about some of his varied activities and various characters encountered over the years.


14th November Paul Heslop will speak about a conman and multiple murderer


28th NovemberThe history and development of stringed instruments, especially the harp with Albert Waterhouse


12th DecemberChristmas Lunch, Hunday Manor Hotel




























Art Appreciation Group


This group do not meet regularly but tend to arrange a series of lectures by experts. More details in the next Newsletter.




Contact Margaret Hildrop on 01946 833351




Good Read Group




Meetings are held monthly in the Waverley Hotel, Whitehaven usually on the second Tuesday of the month at 10am. Note however that there is currently a waiting list


 Contact Margaret Hildrop on 01946 8833351




Let’s Talk Discussion Group




.Time of meetings 2.00p.m. Venue: 1A Hensingham Road, Whitehaven   CA28 8PR with John Fisher  Tel: 01946 692185. We aim to meet on the Thursdays in between the Wednesday talks but if coming for the first time do check first.. Previous topics have touched on trans gender issues, more or less local government, excesses of political correctness and the economic idea of "the commons." We are prepared to discuss any areas that members are interested in or feel strongly about. Often, after the tea break, talk becomes more general. Contact John Fisher




Visits Group




No visits planned at the moment. If you have any suggestions please contact Jennifer Hocking




French Group




This group meets fortnightly at the Waverley Hotel Whitehaven starting at 10am. (Usually on the morning of the general U3A meeting). The group covers French conversation and civilization. Some knowledge of the language is required. For more information please contact Anne Dick on 0194661027








Poetry Appreciation Group




This is a sociable and lighthearted group that enjoys finding and reading poems together. New members will be warmly welcomed. We have a small library of poetry books left to us by Dorothy Dickson which we all make use of. No technical knowledge of poetry is necessary, just the enjoyment of words well used. We meet from 10.30am to 12.30pm on the second Monday of each month (continuing through the Summer months for those who are free). Meetings are held in Susan Edwards’ home at 167 Balmoral Rd Whitehaven.  




Scrabble Group




For more details contact Hazel Boddy 01946592975. New members welcome








This group meets on alternate Wednesdays from 1.30pm - 4.30pm in the leader’s home in Whitehaven. New members will be most welcome previous experience not essential,


Please Contact Jennifer Hocking 01946 695682




Sunday lunch group




Judith Jordan                 01946 693493






This group meets usually on the last Sunday in the month. You must book in advance with Judith.


All Sunday Lunches at 12 for 12.30pm






23rd SeptemberVictoria Hotel, Drigg


28th OctoberHunday Manor Hotel, Winscales


25th NovemberLingla Café, Frizington


12th DecemberChristmas lunch, Hunday Manor Hotel, Winscales






Science and Technology Group incorporating the Geology Group




Rob Anderson 01946 61226, Anne Bailey 01946694658




Meetings are held in the Chase Hotel, Whitehaven at 9.45am with coffee or tea before a talk from 10am to about 11.00am. There is a £2 cover charge and an annual subscription of £5 to cover speaker expenses. Good News: For 2018, our finances are such that we can give a subscription holiday. The programme aims to cover the broad range of science and technology and does not require any prior scientific qualifications or background. 26 members of the Group visited the Devil’s Porridge Museum beside Dumfries. This took us back to the First World War and the amazing efforts to ensure that the UK had sufficient ammunition.




   September 17th    Dating objects using nuclear physics. Prof Terry Sloan.




   October 15th    Windscale Advanced Gas Cooled Reactor- WAGR - Decommissioning at Sellafield.


The prototype gas cooled nuclear reactor is often seen as the “golfball” in photos of Sellafield. It operated for many years and it is now providing an opportunity to learn how to decommission it. The UK subsequently built AGR stations.






 November 19th   Supernovae - How  do some stars spectacularly end their lives and does this matter to us here on Earth.  What supernovae are revealing about the evolution of the Universe and how amateur astronomers are working with professionals to study them. Robin Leadbeatter






December 17th   Group Discussion – The NHS is 70 years old this year. The aim is to get 6 to 10 speakers who will do a little research and give a 5 to 10 minutes talk on an aspect of the Health Service that has transformed our lives. This could be reminiscences or technological or social changes














Wine Appreciation Group




The Wine group arranges a number of events during the year. These are social events and do not require any expertise.


The Trip to Catalan and Cather Country 14th to 21st October 2019 is now fully subscribed.




A Wine tasting evening is planned for in the Chase Hotel arranged for Fri. 23rd November 2018




Contact Pon Smith for more information on 01946 693081














Chairman   Susan Edwards


Secretary   Jane Andrews


Treasurer   Chris Tatters


Speakers    Gerry Dunleavey


Publicity    John Fisher


Member     Linda Dunleavey


Tech / Newsletter  Rob Anderson  (co-opted)


Membership is done by Rita Johnston and Cath Blinco who are not elected members of the Committee.










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