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Registered Charity no 1079934






                 2019   Easter to September  


Dear Members,




First of all, on behalf of the new committee, I would like to welcome you to the next season of U3A activities.




I think we need to thank the previous committee for steering the group through difficult times into what I hope will be calmer waters.  While things have settled down somewhat, there are still some issues which need to be addressed.




Although our membership numbers are at a reasonable level, the attendance at general meetings is on the low side.  Because of this, it can sometimes be difficult to cover costs: speakers, room hire and refreshments.  In order to keep subscriptions at the low and excellent value for money we currently enjoy, it would be great to try to encourage more of our members to come along to the lectures we have on a wide and varied range of topics.




I am therefore asking your help in establishing reasons why members may not be attending so we can do our best to keep our group alive and thriving.  To this end, any suggestions on improvements we could make to both encourage attendance and of course attract new members would be welcome; please speak to any committee member.




Wishing you all a happy and successful season.




Kevan Baker




•Remember there is now a U3A specific phone number: 07871435705 to contact your U3A




 This newsletter aims to bring you up to date with our activities and pick out highlights.




General meetings




•April 17th.  Tim Chittenden will talk about the activities and work of the RNLI




•May  1st      Tony Calvin will tell us all about Whitehaven pottery.






•15th May.   Grainne Jakobson  will inform us about the National Garden Scheme and about gardens in general






•May 29th.  Bill Myres will talk about the history of Cumbrian  Co-Ops.




•June 12th     David Fellows whisks us along the length of the Trans-Siberian Railway.




•26th June.   The Cockermouth U3a Ukulele ensemble will send us of on our break in cheerful spirits.








Sub Groups




Science Group




•April 15           Barrow shipbuilding and the last Barrow liner in 1960   Alan Banks




•May  20          An Astronomical Pace Maker by retired OU Professor Chris Wilson who runs


                             thriving, well supported U3A courses in Geology at Keswick. His talk has 2  parts




•the first being how glaciation became accepted in the UK in the 19th Century.


•The second part is how changes in the earth’s, orbit, tilt etc can trigger ice ages and warm intervals






June  VISIT. At present undecided.  Plans are afoot to visit on a Friday to the Carlisle Air museum. We are investigating if we could include a visit to the New Airport












The Science group will have a talk on Plantlife in the Autumn. There is a 2 year funded project which seeks volunteers. If it interests you please read the outline below:




Looking Out for the Small Things Project


Rapid Woodland Assessment - Plantlife




Take part in the Rapid Woodland Assessment to help identify important woodlands for lower plants...




Plantlife has been awarded a Heritage Lottery Fund grant to deliver an exciting two year project (2018-2020), providing people with the opportunity to discover the lichens, mosses and liverworts (lower plants) found within the Atlantic woodlands of the Lake District.




Plantlife’s Rapid Woodland Assessment (RWA) is a tool used to assess a woodlands potential to support important lichens and bryophytes of conservation interest. By completing this assessment in a local woodland, you are contributing to our knowledge surrounding the condition of the region’s Atlantic woodlands, generating information on woodland composition, structure, important habitat features, lichen indicators, woodland threats and management. Please find the survey brochure and forms attached.




Free lichen / bryophyte identification guides can be ordered and downloaded here: www.plantlife.org.uk/LOST




There are a series of FREE introductory events on offer across the Lake District, to provide support and guidance in completing the Rapid Woodland Assessment:




·        RWA events can be found here: www.plantlife.org.uk/events




Art Appreciation     The series of talks intended for spring have not come to fruition yet.










Lunch Group




28th AprilEnnerdale Craft Brewery            12 for 12.30


19th MayHunday Manor Hotel                  12 for 12.30


17th JuneLyzzick hotel    Summer Lunch  12 for 12.30


July and AugustTo be confirmed








Visits Group   The intent this year is to again use a Titterton trip - this time to the Angus Secret Coastline and Glamis Castle. Departure on 8th July. Cost £399. For more details please contact Jennifer Hocking












Wine appreciation Group    The next Wine Appreciation holiday is scheduled for the 17th to 24th October 2019 to Northern Tuscany. Using the Spa town of Montecatini Terme as our base we are well placed between Pisa and Florence to reach the Chianti regions. The trip includes 4 days with wine excursions and 2 free days to explore the area.


For further details contact Pon Smith Tel. No. 01946 693081




West Cumbria U3A committee Members  2019




Kevan Baker                  01946 62635 kevanbaker@btopenworld.com




Lyn Baker  01946 62635lynbaker@btopenworld.com




Jennifer Hocking01946 695682     shersh00@btinternet.com




Gerry Dunleavy01946 67545            gerrydunleavy93@hotmail.co.uk




John Fisher01946 692185fisherplatt@gmail.com




Cath Blinco                            Catherine.Blinco@sky.com




Linda Dunleavy                 01946 67545                 gerrydunleavy93@hotmail.co.uk  












Rob Anderson


April 2019


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