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People wishing to become members of this group must pay the Science group annual fee of £5 and the U3A membership fee. For members of other U3A ie not West Cumbria U3A, there is no need to pay a second full U3A Membership fee.


Contacts Rob Anderson, 0194661226,  RWA1@btinternet.com      :                      Anne Bailey    01946694658  




Meetings are held in the Chase Hotel, Whitehaven at 9.45am with coffee or tea before a talk from 10am to about 11.15am. There is a £2 cover charge for the room and refreshments and an annual subscription of £5 to cover speaker expenses.


 Good News: For 2018, our finances are such that we can give a subscription holiday.

The programme aims to cover the broad range of science and technology and does not require any prior scientific qualifications or background.




February 18      Cryptology with Mike Hind  




March 18           Rocket science.     Rob Anderson


                         From early Chinese to todays space exploration. Rockets are spectacular, powerful, dangerous and expensive. This talk will include a little basic science but will avoid mathematics




April. 15              Barrow shipbuilding and the last barrow liner in 1960   Alan Banks




May.20          An Astronomical pace maker by retired OU Professor Chris Wilson who runs  thriving, well supported U3A courses in Geology at Keswick. His talk has 2 distinct parts, the first being how glaciation became accepted in the UK in the 19th Century. The second part is how changes in the earth’s, orbit, tilt etc trigger ice ages and warm intervals




June.                    VISIT. At present undecided. Suggestions please